Summer Allen is the big boss lady behind Gimme Flair, based in Los Angeles (totally one of the best cities in the world.)

Summer has been self-employed for years, taking on a number of projects (and not following through with twice as many) for as long as she can remember. She blogged about pretty and arty things for quite some time on Design is Mine, then took on The Kinspiracy, where she enjoyed subtly making fun of Instagram patterns and "slow living" lifestyles. She's snarky, perhaps a tad sassy, and enjoys the finer things in life. Like cheap beer and cat videos. She also writes when she can.

Gimme Flair is her baby. With years of collecting big vintage buttons and well-loved patches, she dreamt of there being a place that might satisfy other's deep flair-adored dreams, filled with goods from artists she admires like WHOA. And she hopes you love it as much as she does. For reals. 


Christopher Williams quit his typical 9-5 job to officially be a part of the awesomeness that is Gimme Flair. He handles multiple aspects of the shop such as: shipping orders, answering customer emails, adding new products to the site, and so much more. He's a lover of punk rock, the occult & mystical shit, well-done burritos, and weekend dive bar shenanigans. And he's totally married to the boss lady.