'Persephone' Patch

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The formidable goddess is depicted under a full Harvest Moon, alongside a deer skull, holding a dagger in her blood soaked hand which pierces a pomegranate, wreathed with Maiden's Hair Fern and Magnolia blossoms, and framed by golden wheat. Persephone/Prosperina is the goddess of Spring and rebirth, and also the queen of the Underworld ruling alongside Hades/Pluto. Prosperina is a strong and furious goddess; upon the earth she invokes Spring and heralds the harvest, while in the Underworld she rules over the cursed souls of mortals and carries out their morbid penance. Prosperina is an iconic representation of the dualities of femme expression; of beauty, growth, rebirth and creativity - and of strength, fierce protection, and even destructive fury. Patch by Lillian Cuda from Australia.

5.12 inches. Machine embroidered with laser cut edge, iron-on backing.