'Spirit Board Spinner' Pin (5 Colors!)

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Mystical, spiritual AND functional. The Spirit Board enamel pin was designed to not only accessorize your wardrobe or elevate your flair collection, but to also be an actual working tool for divination or self reflection. The front of the piece features a design based on the lines and vertices of a Dodecahedron. In sacred geometry, the Dodecahedron is connected to the Higher Self or the Divine and can be used in meditation to raise your vibration and allow you to communicate or connect with Source. When using, treat this pin like you would a pendulum or deck of tarot cards. Pin by Never Not Clever.

1.5 inches. Hard enamel with silver plating, triple rubber backing. Comes in vintage beige, demon's eye red, kawaii pastel, glow-in-the-dark, and black.