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Gimme Flair Pop-Up Shop Video!

Los Angeles vendors video

So after just about half a year of being a business, we finally have a Gimme Flair blog happening! This will be a place for major shop updates, "meet the maker" stories/interviews with GF artists, and other fun happenings with the shop. Excitement!

Today I am happy to share this FANTASTIC video that was shot by Longlive The Swarm. It features 3:40 minutes of footage from the first ever Gimme Flair Pop-Up that happened late last month in Downtown Los Angeles. The pop-up was sponsored by Pabst, benefited SIECUS (Sexual Information & Education Council of the United States), had 9 huuuuge pool floats (because why not?), and brought 14 different LA-based GF-artists together selling art and flair for all. Now you can join in the fun from afar!


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